In 2014, Greenstone Construction opened for business. Professional project management and excellent client/contractor communication are the means through which we produce results for our clients. Our group is dedicated to long-term viability and striking a healthy equilibrium between quality, durability, and cost. Our goal is to improve construction projects by making them more open and communicative, reducing wasteful delays, and maximising value.

In addition to its own employees, Greenstone Construction also employs a large number of subcontractors. Because of our long and fruitful history of collaboration, we are able to rely on a team of reliable tradespeople who share our commitment to a successful project. Please our customers and feel good about yourself knowing you helped complete a challenging project.

Greenstone Construction was set up to change that.

Since 2014, no matter how difficult the needs, our team has consistently exceeded expectations by delivering high-quality builds on time and within budget for residential and commercial clients in Alberta and British Columbia.

We believe in shorter, more efficient construction timelines and delivering higher quality and value through materials, technology and professional workmanship.

Our professional project management and client-contractor communication mean that you are looked after from the initial planning stages through to completion.

You are kept in the loop and not passed off to someone else or given a lame explanation. We value honesty and openness above all else, and we maintain that standard throughout the entire process.

Quality, longevity, and affordability are all priorities for us, and we always try to promote sustainability and environmental friendliness in all of our projects whenever we can.

Each of our employees has deep roots in the cities we serve and a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities each community presents. Whether you need a commercial or residential builder, you can trust that your project is in the hands of a skilled and dedicated team like ours.


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